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Increased Renewal Opt-ins

Kaspersky and Softline have long-lasting business relations. Being satisfied with Softline's performance and reliability, Kaspersky extended the collaboration to a number of territories in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, APAC and Latin America. Aimed to boost conversion rate of renewals, Kaspersky required a good retention solution. Softline provided Kaspersky with an efficient pre-filled order tool. Thanks to this solution the volume of renewals and sales increased. Softline's ability to enhance and optimize business processes was one of the reasons Kaspersky chose us to help with its global online expansion to some complex countries. The company needed a solution that could manage localization complexities and tailor e-stores to specific markets.

'What’s good about Softline is that optimization and improvement processes never stop. They keep working to maximize our retention rate'.

‘What we like about Softline is that it is very easy to work with them. Their agility and speed of deployment help us meet our targets swiftly and efficiently. We also get constant support from the team dedicated to us’.

'Softline creates Shopping Carts customized to support local languages, customer service, currencies, payment methods, taxes and invoices. Everything is fully adapted'.

Leonid Granovsky
Head of eCommerce, Russia, EECA & Baltic
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