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The main advantage of working with Softline for us is the possibility to implement high-quality local online shopping experience in many regions where Avast operates.

We are confident that this is the result of Softline presence in many countries and the extensive experience in launching local online shopping carts for many vendors. This allows us to take into account all the details in each specific case of a local launch, successfully pass the testing phase and effectively maintain operations of local online shops’.

Softline eCommerce provides us with the ability to customize the customer experience, and that is very valuable for us.

We have operations worldwide. For every location where Avast is in the world, we try to create a customized solution for our clients. We have specific types of payments. So, we have a specific type of user experience when clients are buying products.

Alexey Fedorov
Managing Director/ Russia/CIS/EE/ME
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