PIX is available at Softline Ecommerce solution

We made PIX available for payments to our Brazilian customers!

PIX is an innovative payment solution specifically designed for the Brazilian market. The instant payment system created by the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), is revolutionizing the market by performing payments in a few seconds, at any time of the day - including weekends and holidays - in a safe and practical way.

To use this technology, consumers just need a Pix code that is registered in any smartphone.

“It helps us increase the conversion as it reduces the mistakes with personal data input and payment by a bank card. The payment process [via PIX] requires a bank’s mobile app and a QR code from [our] site. Easy like that. There are no chargebacks as we face with payments by card. The money is transferred immediately with the following fast product delivery”, Ivan Osipov, Head of Payment Solutions, Softline Ecommerce.


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