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The idea of selling products online, anywhere around the globe, definitely sounds appealing. Making it happen in real life can be somewhat challenging without the right tools. Customer preferences and regional purchasing norms, along with country-specific payment practices and regulations, can create friction in rolling out global eCommerce. As users of Softline report on IT Central Station, however, there are solutions that address these issues—enabling eCommerce success through local payment and support.

Note: The companies mentioned in this article have between 1,000 and 5,000 employees.

How eCommerce companies are putting Softline to work.

IT Central Station members are making the most of Softline in their eCommerce operations. For example, a Senior eCommerce Specialist at a computer software company explained,

“When a customer in certain regions wants to buy our product, he or she picks it up on the web or inside the app, and then adds the product into the cart, and this is where Softline comes in. Via their cart, the customer can check out, enter their personal details, and go through the payment methods, and then receive the license.”

Avast Software has operations worldwide. As Andre P., their Digital Marketing Country Manager for Brazil, explained,

“For every location where Avast is in the world, we try to create a customized solution for our clients. For example, Russian users have a client, and they prefer to buy our products in a specific way, e.g., using their local cards or payment methods. When taking care of Brazil, it is the same. We have specific types of payments. So, we have a specific type of user experience when clients are buying products. Softline eCommerce provides us with the ability to customize the customer experience, and that is very valuable for us.”

For a Senior eCommerce Platform Specialist at a different computer software company, Softline eCommerce is their payment provider, processing purchases and payments in several regions. As he put it, “It is also responsible for messaging those users about transactions and all their payments for purchases of our products.” A Head of eCommerce at a tech services company similarly noted that,

“For every market, we have our own eCommerce provider, and Softline works with us for Russia and some countries in the Baltic. Funds are protected on the Softline site. From our side, we direct all the traffic from our website to the shopping cart, which is protected by Softline. They also handle manual renewable emails and outgoing renewable emails.”

Benefits of Softline.

Softline users report that the solution is helping their eCommerce businesses in a variety of ways, including:

  • “When we started using Softline, we increased our conversion rates there by something like 10 percent. It has also increased customer retention.” - Senior eCommerce Specialist
  • “The user had to write their physical personal address and a lot of details, which was kind of blocking the user for finishing the transaction. We went to Softline with this problem, and they came up with a solution for us to decrease the number of fields from 10 to five, which helped to increase our conversion by roughly 10 percent.” - Andre P.
  • “We use Softline eCommerce in some European countries and also a few Asian countries. They provide us with their services and local support in those regions. This is really important because our goal is to be as local as possible.” - Senior eCommerce Platform Specialist
  • “We have local languages and currencies in the shopping carts, e.g., in Russia, the shopping cart is in English and Russian. It is also possible to change currencies. Our website understands GeoIP, showing you the right currency for your country, though the Baltics' currency is currently Russian. The ability to change language and currency provides additional value and personalization.” - Head of eCommerce.

What users find most valuable.

> “The most valuable feature is the local support, meaning the support of local payment methods,” said the Senior eCommerce Specialist. He went on, saying, “For example, in Russia, they support online banks and some other simple types of online banking. In the Czech Republic they can do a wire transfer. And their cart schemes are pretty local. These features enable us to create a local experience where our customers can pay with the payment methods they are used to. Payment methods are a very local thing.”

For the Senior eCommerce Platform Specialist, the most valuable features are the processing of payments and all the factors connected with payments, such as chargebacks and refunds. He said,

“They have a partnership with local partners who can process payments, chargeback refunds, and all items connected with purchases. It has good performance because of local partners.”

Customization of shopping carts was what mattered to the Head of eCommerce. He shared, “We constantly review with Softline the features and shopping cart templates that we need. Softline eCommerce is flexible and can provide additional features, e.g., the design of the shopping cart, disclaimers, and some customized emails to clients.”

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