Online payments: Optimize your revenue and authorization rate while minimizing fraud

Payment fraud is an old issue. It has always been a challenge for ecommerce merchants since they started selling products and services online. At the beginning, fraudsters were stealing physical payment cards and making purchases with them. However, while this still happens, fraudsters are now stealing payment data virtually as it is often stored and transferred digitally. This is a common type of fraud, but fraud can come in many forms.

Payment fraud is increasing year over year.

Fraud is an ever-growing curse for online merchants as it increased by 33% last year globally, and doesn’t show any sign of slowing. The global COVID-19 pandemic has opened up new opportunities for fraudsters trying to deceive unsuspecting customers; as more people are ordering, shopping and paying online than ever before. This digital migration brought a vast array of business opportunities to online merchants, increasing their pool of potential customers; but it also brought some threats, with credit card fraud significantly increasing during that same period.

Your fraud rate will have a big impact on your revenue, so you need a leader in fraud minimization as an ecommerce solution partner. Fraudulent transactions often lead to chargebacks, and the payment has to be returned by the merchant to the cardholder. This is bad news for your business, since processing a chargeback includes operational costs like transaction fees, legal fees and currency conversions.

Softline Ecommerce’s average fraud rate reached a low 1.2% in 2020.

At Softline Ecommerce, we optimize sales, conversion and the authorization rate while decreasing fraud to a minimum, using a daily process that includes monitoring and analysis. For example, each transaction undergoes a thorough examination, which uses hundreds of parameters in real time in order to estimate the probability of fraud with the highest accuracy.

In fact, Softline Ecommerce uses a next generation AI-based fraud minimization technology that allows our clients to keep a very low fraud rate of around 1.2% on average in 2020, which is much lower than other merchants of record. It is important to stress that Softline’s commission is only taken from paid orders, so it is in our best interest to prevent fraudulent payments.

Our partner, Assist, is using the full range of up-to-date methods for fraud prevention: ● Client verification using 3D-Secure, two-factor authentication and geolocation. ● Automated scanning and analysis of customer's profile using IP geolocation data, DeviceFingerPrinting device, order speed control, order history, etc. ● Blacklists and whitelists. ● Probability calculation models. ● Manual viewing of orders.

Thanks to Assist, we are using a flexible anti-fraud system with a huge database of fraudulent transactions that makes it possible to detect fraudulent transactions in 20 milliseconds, minimize the number of errors, and increase payment conversion to 97%.

With the help of our providers and our solution based on artificial intelligence, we manage to keep a very low level of fraud. So if you want to conquer emerging markets successfully and with a very low fraud rate, please contact us directly on our website, via Linkedin or email (


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